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VNS Patient Safety during Covid-19

During this challenging time, LivaNova is committed to providing you resources to meet the needs of your VNS Therapy patients.

While COVID19 has created challenges for all, we understand that this may multiply the challenges faced by patients suffering from epilepsy. Keeping this in mind, we would like to provide you with a short list of LivaNova resources to allow you to continue to deliver exceptional patient care.

  • Postoperative Infection Rate

    VNS Therapy has a low postoperative infection rate of 2.1% 1

  • Operating Room Time

    The VNS Therapy surgical procedure is a quick procedure in the operating room with most cases lasting between 30-90 minutes.2a,b

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    LivaNova has secured personal protective equipment for all employees

  • Battery Life Calculations & End of Service

    LivaNova can provide an estimate of remaining battery life at your request to prevent a lapse in therapy and potential loss of seizure control

Our Case Management team is also providing support to assist you with extending prior authorizations for patients with VNS Therapy or those who are considering VNS Therapy as a treatment option.

Please reach out to your local LivaNova representative to discuss these resources or with any questions you may have.