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MRI Scan Safety For VNS Therapy Patients

All VNS Therapy patients can get an MRI, provided specific guidelines are followed. VNS Therapy was the first device for drug-resistant epilepsy that is FDA-approved for 1.5T and 3T MRI.3

Determine MRI Scan Conditions for Your Patient

To ensure the safe application of an MRI scan for patients with VNS Therapy*, please answer our questionnaire.

Patient MRI Conditions

The latest VNS Therapy technology with expanded MRI access allows patients to obtain quality MRI scans

To ensure effective communication with the MRI center, complete and print the Patient MRI Form. Send with the patient to their MRI appointment.

Patient MRI Form


Healthcare Professionals FAQs


*Applies to completely intact and functioning implant. For special cases (potential lead break, partially explanted systems, remaining lead segments with intact system), please refer to the MRI Instructions for Use.